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Flower Pot Heads

This is a beautiful flower Pot with a head of plants and a head of drainage, it grants plant resin and a container drainage hole. The Pot is in like manner reinforcement for the bottom so it can held high a weight.

Flower Pot Faces

This is a top-of-the-heap thoughtfully designed planter for any baby's room! The brightly colored plants grow well and the groot logo is represented, the planter is large and deep, fantastic for taking up space in your home. The florist extends placed some interesting blooms from which come wildflowers that will contribute to the child'selite nursery, this planter can be used for positioning the flower Pot faces the baby's face, added or as an art piece. This cute head flower Pot is top-grade for any succulent garden, the face flower Pot renders a simple design and a cute print. It is top-notch for keeping small plants in one place, and can your plants, this is a first-class Pot head plant planter to adopt as a succulent. This planter is fabricated with a soft, plush fabric that will make it effortless to work with, the planter renders a head full of leaves and branches that can be used as a bed for plants. The succulent plant is dandy for use in plants that need deep well-up'ups and is again first-rate for container plants, this planter is in like manner basic to move around and is first-rate for use as a face flower Pot head planter is outstanding for use as a succulent plant. Plush fabric that is uncomplicated to move around, the planter is additionally facile to handle and peerless for use as a flower pot. This flower Pot is top-of-the-line for girls who like to green-light their beauty looks, it is fabricated from a sturdy plastic and is only 12" l x 20" w x 6" it is sterling for storing fresh plants or making an or succulent plant flower pot. The flower Pot also includes a plants handbook, so you can plan your plants out and choose the right fertilizers and toys to give them.